Artist & Scholar Residencies in Italy for 2012 Season

Greetings all! I got sidetracked by a bad cold but am on the mend and wanted to send you a few things today. This first post is all about Italy! Enjoy....Mirabee

(ALL) Call for Applications for Residencies at the Rockefeller Foundation Bellagio Center in Bellagio, Italy—Deadline: December 1, 2011

The Residency Program allows for focused work, uninterrupted by the professional and personal demands of daily life, in a diverse and stimulating community of fellow residents. Residents include an international group of academics, writers, artists, scientists, journalists, non-governmental organization practitioners, and policymakers. In addition to time for dedicated work on individual projects and for reflection during the day, building new connections and collegial interaction with other residents is a defining characteristic of the Bellagio experience. Meals and informal presentations of residents' work afford an opportunity for dynamic discussion and engagement with each other. The combination of quiet time for individual, focused work and connections with such a diverse community is unparalleled.

Academic Writing as well as Arts & Literary Arts residencies typically last four weeks, and spouses/life partners may accompany residents. Practitioner residencies can last between two to four weeks. Joint applications from co-authors are also welcome.

Applications for Academic Writing as well as Arts & Literary Arts residencies are due by December 1, 2011 for a residency period between mid-August and mid-December 2012. Applications from practitioners and for conferences are accepted on a rolling basis. To apply, and for more information, please visit: or download a brochure at:

(ARTISTS) Le Ville Matte Residency in Cagliari, Sardinia, ItalyDeadline: October 20, 2011. Le Ville Matte is a network of artists’ residencies sponsored by the Province of CagliariVillasor and Cooperativa Teatro Fueddu e Gestu in Sardinia, Italy.
– Department for Culture and Sport – in collaboration with

An open call is set to select seven artists from all over the world (deadline: October 20). They will have the opportunity to experiment and study for four weeks (from December 2 to December 30, 2011) with a great performance artist, visiting professor Serge Pey. In order to increase the visibility of the selected artists’ works, two internationally acclaimed artists will also take part of "Le Ville Matte" as short-term guests: Li-Ping Ting and Michel Raji. They will be involved in a theoretical - practical and demonstrative work.

The Program 2011 is entitled “KRISIS: Crisis of art and Art of crisis”. Artists will also be involved in theoretical and practical activities on the history of Performance art through conferences, round tables and film screenings.

By focusing on the evolution of artistic languages and on the artists' need to experiment, the project promotes periods of study and research. Le Ville Matte offers an experience of life and work in small towns, thus giving the opportunity to live in close contact with the community.

The residency will end with a final show and a publication, documenting the works produced during the training and research period. In order to understand and live the territory, three days of excursion are also planned.

Additional information on (English version available HERE)
To enroll, please send your application to (Deadline: October 20, 2011).