A Shout Out to All Mira's List Fans: Please Send Me Your Residency Pictures!

Hey Mira's List loyal fans:

Please send me one to two great images (a jpg of no higher than 500 because I have slow internet service) from a wonderful residency you had the past couple years. The only rule is that you had to have found the residency on Mira's List. And please send me a one sentence statement about the place and your experience. If you do this, I will not only love you but I will post some of these here and there as a way of inspiring others. The photograph can be of anything from that place—the land, the house, the studio, you, you at work, your art, whatever. And make sure you tell us what the name of the residency is and where.

Send the above to: mirabartok@yahoo.com and I'll post these little tidbits from time to time. Thanks!