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Design Year Book

uVenus Ambient Purifier by OSIM

Posted: 08 Nov 2011 11:40 PM PST

Singapore-based lifestyle brand OSIM has come up with uVenus, the world's first ambient purifier that protects against air, light and noise pollution. It cleans the air, illuminates with mood lighting and soothes the senses through music to promote better sleep.

The uVenus takes its design inspiration from the tree's natural ability of purifying the Earth's air quality. Shaped like a tree's silhouette, the rounded edges and soft contours of the uVenus underline its role in improving air quality and ultimately, our well-being.

The mood lights are developed by accomplished physicist and mood light specialist, Anadi A. Martel with 7 scientifically-researched mood lights to help you relax, balance and energise. And, its unique design won a Red Dot award this year.