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Tiny Polymer Clay Village Houses

Posted: 13 Jul 2010 09:55 PM PDT

I have been slightly distracted from my doll art. I was in the library getting a book to read and I happen to find this great book on Creating Polymer Clay villages by Gail Ritchey.

It intrigued me, so I checked it out of the library and went home. Well, let me tell you, it sat on my art table for a few days before I did anything. I just loved the little houses in the book, but it kept screaming out to me "ohhh my goodness ... sooo much work, SIGH.... so tedious, too complicated". Because that is how these houses looked; really detailed, tiny little houses with lots of colored clay.

Well, the type of person I am, I felt challenged. I loved the houses so much I was determined to try one. I mean really .... how complex can it be?? I assemble dolls on armatures, sculpt detailed little tiny faces and paint their eyes, do costuming, wings, and hair! So let's get started!!

My first one did take quite awhile. I went slow, read the instructions thoroughly. I really wanted it to turn out just like the photos in the book. Well, everything went perfectly step by step. The book had great instructions and the author did a really fabulous job. You will create what you see in this book!

After the first one, I was hooked! It was so much fun and quite surprisingly it was not as hard as I thought. Just tedious and time consuming. Which I am used to anyway. After the first one was finished, I just had to do another one.

Here are my two little village houses. They are made entirely of polymer clay. Only a small tiny amount of paint is added at the every end for antiquing and maybe brightening up some of the flowers a hint. But overall, all the color is the clay color and color mixing.

You can view more photos showing the entire house (sides and back) in the Flickr Photo Set Here

I am starting my third one because I just can't help myself. its just too much fun right now!

I learned some great things with constructing 3d objects in polymer clay. This was totally out of my realm but I managed to finish two and they really excite me. I am now thinking of holiday and Christmas shops, ohhhhh how much fun!

I decided to buy the book since its so fabulous and it can be useful for applying other methods within my sculpting. I always learn something when I venture out of my norm. Something different and refreshing in order to renew my creativity!

My first two, complete with felted bottoms for displaying on a nice shelf or table. So much fun!