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The Farm House: Chapter 3B

Posted: 09 Jan 2012 09:32 AM PST

Continuing from last time...

Since coming to Maine and breaking out of his shell, Eric had begun to really enjoy taking road trips with his friends. After his first year in Maine, he went home to California for the summer and used that time to earn a little more money that would allow him to purchase a car: a four-door, five-speed, manual-transmission, Honda. Towards the beginning of his second year, he took five days and drove across the country back to Maine. It was, naturally, the first time that he had ever done anything like that by himself and the experience greatly liberated him. The thought of driving across the country, by himself would have frightened him to death a year ago, but now it thrilled him and stirred his long-slumbering sense of adventure.

"You know Pam, I've been thinking. Yeah, I know, something I don't do all that often, but if I decide to hold off on making a decision on selling, how about getting a bunch of us together and spending our Christmas break up there? You know, depending on what happens, of course."

Pam looked over at Eric and gave him a big thumbs- up for the idea."Yeah, that would be a great idea! We could bring-up all of our supplies and have an extended party. You know, we could even bring a turkey and cook it for Christmas."

Suddenly, Eric was getting into this thing, "You know, this is sounding better and better, but Pam, do you even know how to cook a turkey?"

Laughing, Pam replied, "Sure, there's nothing to it, just pop it in the oven and bake it for four or five hours. What could be easier?"

Eric just laughed, "I believe that it's a little more complicated than that, but don't worry, I've done it before and I can take care of that job. By the way, who do you want to invite to our little party?"

Glancing over at Pam, Eric saw that he had no need to worry on that account, because she was already writing a list of who to invite and what supplies they would need. As they rolled into Portland, Pam broke-out the map and played navigator as they tried to find the location of the law office.

"Okay, you take a left at the next light and the office should be on the right-hand side."

Eric merged over to the right lane. "Thanks, I got it."

Turning the Honda into the parking lot, he started to get a little nervous about what was going to happen. After all, he had never inherited anything before and didn't know what to expect. The office building was one of the tallest buildings in Portland and seemed very ritzy. There was the usual lobby, but this one seemed to be adorned with plants and chandeliers and it even had an aquarium with exotic fish in it. Actually, it looked more like the lobby for a hotel than an office building. Spying the security desk, Eric walked up and asked for directions to the law office.

"Hi, my name is Eric Peterson and I have an appointment with a Bob Conner, he's a lawyer here."

The security guard looked up and said, "Yes, his offices are located on the twelfth floor. Just go to the elevators on your right."

"Thank you," Eric replied.

Taking Pam's hand, they walked to the elevator to catch a ride. While this may have seemed like just another ordinary elevator ride, to Eric, this would be one ride that would change his life forever.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this little preview. Thanks for reading!
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